Signing in with the iOS app doesn’t have passwords. The easiest way to sign in with the iOS app is to enter your email address when you first launch the app. will send you an email with a link to tap to be signed in.

You can also use a special auth token to sign in with the iOS app, instead of typing in your email address. These tokens are managed on the web site. You can think of them as very strong passwords, but instead of having a single password for the whole service, you’ll use unique passwords (tokens) for each application you want to use.

To find your app token, go to and click on Account, then scroll down to the “App tokens” section. You should see a unique token already generated for you. Just copy it to the clipboard and paste it into the sign-in screen on the iOS app. (Storing the token in a password manager like 1Passwordcan be helpful here.)

You only need to sign in once. After that, on iOS will remember you on that device.

Hi, new to and really enjoy what you’re doing. Please consider adding real passwords. I clear my cache nightly on my desktop browser, and on my phone I don’t always even have my email app installed, so this is not ideal for me.


Thanks for the feedback. On the iPhone, you should be able to use Sign in with Apple too, which removes the email step. Just make sure your Apple ID email address is the same as your email address so that it knows how to match them. (You can change your email address after signing in and will still be able to use Sign in with Apple, though.)

We’d like to do something similar on the desktop.

@manton I have been unable to log in to this Discourse site when using Fig on my iPad because of the whole MB email login thing. When I try to login to this Discourse from Fig, it shows the MB “I’m sending a link to your email” message but then when I click on the link in the email, it of course logs me into the app, not this Discourse help forum using the Fig app.

It’s an annoyance because of course I can always reach this Discourse from my Mac, but I really like using Fig to catch up on all my Discourse forums, and the MB forum is the only one I can’t sign in to.