"Show Cross-Posting" broken?

I remember that in the past, in micro.blog web UI as well as in the mobile (Android) app, I was able to show - and manually per post - enable or disable crossposting to certain targets. While I didn’t change my configuration, it seems this option is either gone or doesn’t display anything anymore at all. Known issue?

To provide some screens for that: If I use the dots menu (web) and set “show cross-posting” …

… all that happens is apparently an empty line between the text form and the buttons appearing and space becoming a bit bigger, but nothing is shown in there:

My account does have Nostr and Bluesky crossposting configured, though, and both seems to work…

Thanks for reporting this. I looked into your account and I see the problem. It’s a bug with multiple feeds, where Micro.blog isn’t using the right one that has cross-posting options on it. I’m fixing it right now so the change should be live shortly.

This change is live, let us know if the options show up now.

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Works. Thanks very much for the support! :slightly_smiling_face: