Should replies in mastodon show up in timeline

I’m new and still trying to wrap my head around this, but should my mastodon fediverse name be the same as my micro blog one? I set it up with my own domain? If I reply to a post on mastodon, would the reply show in my timeline? If someone replies to me on mastodon, shouldn’t it be in my mentions (it’s not, but maybe that’s just how it is supposed to be)? Trying to understand how it all works

Following. Am not too sure too

Read this first This is my understanding of how things worked for me - By default your Fediverse name is even if you have your own domain. If you just use that account, you do not get to see your likes or boosts reflected on If you share your posts to an existing Mastodon account under Account>Edit Sources and Cross Posting, all of your posts will enter the Fediverse in duplicate, once from Micro.Blog and once from your other account. This is a hassle if you use hashtags because the duplicate posts both show up in the thread. You will be able to use the Mastodon web interface or a third-party app to see your likes and boosts. The simplest thing to do is to use a second account and migrate your follows and followers to that account. You can do that at Accounts>Activity Pub>View Fediverse Details

Thanks for this! I am confused about the part where it would end up in the fediverse twice. When I look up my name in mastodon, I find myself, but with no posts showing

In Mastodon world, until someone on that server follows an account, none of that accounts posts are seen/federated over. You can follow that account and then you’ll start to see future posts.


Thanks for this!

Just to clarify: if i set up a and posts on that platform, and if I don’t turn on the cross posting, will it also be federated to Mastodon?

I’m looking to use as the main location where I post and hope to get it federated to Mastodon and Bluesky by default.

PS: i have another which is my digital notebook.

There are two distinct features you can use separately or together.

  1. You can have an ActivityPub user name either at or at your own domain. This allows users to follow your blog’s content from within their ActivityPub service like Mastodon. If they reply to your blog post from there, you will see the reply in
  2. You can cross post to a Mastodon account. This is like copying your blog content and natively posting it to that Mastodon account. Followers can like, boost, and reply in Mastodon and you will see all that activity when you log into that Mastodon account.
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Thanks for the clarification.

Yes, I want to the first feature - so that I sorta have my own server. :slight_smile:

So here’s what I did.

In case anyone is interested to know.

I set up a and use my own domain name ( And I created my username on the fediverse as

I’m still contemplating whether to transfer my existing mastodon to, but then I won’t be able to manage that account like a native mastodon account.

I’m only turning on cross-post to bluesky.

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