Should I have a new blog for my podcast?


I’d like to ask about the pros and cons of having two blogs, one for my notes and another for my podcast.

While there maybe similarities between the two, I think keeping it separate would be ideal.

But would like to hear from the folks here.


It’s really a personal preference, but I do think that separating a podcast and blog usually feels more natural. My advice: if you are only going to post a couple episodes of the podcast very rarely, it’s fine to keep it all together as a single blog/podcast; but if you want the podcast to have its own name and regular episodes, separate it from the blog. can handle both setups, because it uses a separate podcast.xml feed that only includes audio posts. And Premium can have up to 5 blogs/podcasts, so there’s no extra cost to keeping them separate.

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Got it and I agree that keeping it separate makes more sense. Thanks!