Setting a default blog

It seems like every time the app gets updated it defaults to choosing my tweets archive blog as the default and I do not want this! I have changed it from the tweets blog to my main blog 3 or 4 times.

My question is how can I set the apps to only ever choose a specific blog when I hit post. I never want it to choose the tweets blog and I never want it to default to that.

Change it on the web, and then it should stick. Switch to the blog you want in the ‘New Post’ window on the web. Post something. Then check your iOS app if that’s the default blog.

The latest version of the iOS app should have also fixed this to remember the default in the app, separate from the default on the web. Let us know if that’s still not working.

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@manton, can this setting also now be set separately for the app and for the web?

It has been properly set on the web. The apps seem to reset it when they get updated.

That “Timeline” setting on the web applies to the whole platform and all apps.

Maybe running a TestFlight version has something to do with it? I’m running TestFlight on my ipad. I just tried new post in the app and it’s back to the tweets archive as default again. In the iPhone app (not TestFlight) it defaults correctly.

Yes, the TestFlight version is out of date. We made a few fixes at the end of the beta that just went right to the App Store version.