Set post timestamp via post metadata?

I just published a post from an external app (iA Writer). This sort of works: The post gets created as a Draft which I then can fully publish on the platform.

However when sending the post text from iA Writer to I would love to set the post timestamp to a specific time as well. – Is there a way to specific the timestamp in the Markdown metadata at the top of the post text?

When publishing to Blot, I use the following:

Permalink: /customized-for-each-post
Tags: Tag1, Tag2

I’m not sure if lets you do that. But since it sends the post as a draft and you have to actively publish it anyway, you can schedule the post using the field on if you don’t want it published immediately.

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So on Blot you can set the post timestamp via the in-text metadata? That sounds pretty cool!

What are the advantages of What the advantages of Blot? and Blot are completely different platforms. NOT tinkering with the metadata is actually a feature in But you can use apps like MarsEdit if you wish. But others with more technical knowledge can let you know if what you seek is possible with

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This sounds like a feature request for iA Writer to support a date field. You can’t set arbitrary front matter metadata from iA Writer. But because it sets the post as a draft on, you can edit the date in before publishing. Or schedule the draft in to publish at a date/time.

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Thanks for chiming in, Manton. Makes sense.

I just though having everything to a post in its text would be great, even for portability.