Scheduling Posts should be easier


the workflow/process to schedule a specific post, needs some better integration in my opinion.


  • write a post
  • to save it as a Draft
  • switch to “posts” section and select Drafts
  • edit Draft, type a date manually in the proper format (TZ is also not always clear to me)
  • Schedule the post

It could be:

  • write a post
  • select “schedule” right from the “…” menu like Drafts and Categories
  • show the schedule text box and integrate a calendar drop down with showing the TZ
  • hit “schedule post”

This can definitely be improved upon since I have to consciously remember to use 24-hour time format.

Agreed, we’ll work on improving this. The macOS app handles this much better, with a File → Schedule command and nice date picker.

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Ulysses handles scheduling beautifully. This is a very cool feature. Thank you so much for providing this.

Maybe I should add, that I use Windows currently, because if the topic (day trading) most software is optimized and runs perfect on Windows, so I’m bound to the browser/web-site, which really lags a lot of the iOS and macOS functions.


I think a change to use the built-in input type=“datetime-local” would be very easy and would be a big improvement. Browser adoption seems universal except for IE.