Scheduled Posts Repeating or Posting Early

I was trying out scheduled posts and set that up for a few posts. Then I changed the time on a couple of them two or three times. In the end they seem to have posted multiple times to my blog, or before their final scheduled time.

The repeating ones only show up in my “Posts” list once. So I’m not sure how to remove the extra ones from my published site.

Not sure what’s going on but I’m going to stay away from this feature until it can be resolved.

Only @manton can tell you what is going on here but you can probably get rid of the duplicates by forcing a rebuild of your blog.

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The rebuild helped remove the duplicates. Thank you @sod!

Yup. This bug has existed for a while now. I try not to change the time on scheduled posts anymore. Glad to know that rebuilding the blog resolves those issues.

I don’t trust myself to schedule accurately the first time. So I’m just going to avoid this feature altogether until I hear of a fix. Or if necessary, I will write a script that uses the API and let it do the scheduling.

I’m working on a fix. I suggest ignoring the feature now too unless you want to deal with the glitches. We’ll post an update to as usual when it’s 100% reliable.

Thank you!

I’ve tracked this down. (Actually a couple intertwined problems that could affect different types of posts and workflows, which is why I had trouble reproducing it at first.) The fix will roll out tonight!


@manton we’re experiencing a similar issue with one of our blogs. After we changed the date on the post it seems to repeat on the website (under both dates). Rebuilding the websites helps, but any further update causes the problem to re-appear.

Here’s the link, look at the first posts (last on the page).

Thanks, this is fixed now and the duplicate shouldn’t pop up again.

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