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So I accidentally deleted my RSS feed, how do I get that back?

I also noticed I changed my username and (current) is not valid but (old) is still valid. I made the change a few days ago. Will it be updated?

Hello and welcome :tada:,

In which way have you deleted your RSS feed, and which feed are you talking about? From what I can figure out, your blog is and the feed is located over at

The subdomain(s) your blog(s) reside on are separate from your username. When you create your first blog at it will be hosted at as a default, but it can really be anything as long as that subdomain is available.

Changing your username will not affect the subdomain your blog is at. Unless you explicitly ask @manton to change that as well by sending an email to

Thanks for the info!

I had deleted the entry at /account/feeds but adding the seems to have brought it back, so I think Iā€™m good now.

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Yep! That should do it. :blush:

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