Restricting image display size in mentions

I tried to be extra smart and included an image in my reply by uploading the image first to MB and then copying the code in the reply. That worked on the timeline but on my blog, the image in the mention appears in full-size..

Where in the CSS do I restrict the display size to a similar size in the post. I’m using @amit’s Musings theme.

In the img tag set the width and height properties.

Alternatively, you can have resize the image using this trick.

I rather use this trick to keep me from using images in replies too often. But how will this work with Markdown since MB doesn’t allow HTML in replies?

I looked this up first but my post images are fine so not sure how to also include images in mentions as well.

@manton Have you enabled HTML in mentions yet? I promise not to post gifs. At least too many gifs.

Nope, haven’t 100% decided on how this should work yet.