Request : Notification when build fails

As someone who maintains his own custom theme and uses some less-advertised features of Hugo for his blog, I fairly frequently find out a day or two later that my blog hasn’t been building for a bit and a bunch of posts are stacked up. This is always my fault, but because the build failure is on the Design page, I often simply don’t know that I messed up.

I would love the option to get an email notification or even app-based push notification if a build of my blog fails so I know to investigate.


I obsessively reload the design page after each modification and scroll for red text. I mentioned moving the error text to the template edit page to manton before. This is also a good idea.

Yeah, there’s more trouble when it happens because I fudge the way I type a short code or something similar, since the build fails based on new content not a change I made in the theme (where I expect this to happen).

I see what you’re saying, had a few shortcode whiffs myself.