Replying to a specific Mastodon post

I have a post that I am trying to reply to. I have added the Mastodon account to my follow list via the Discover search. I cannot find this specific post in their feed. I tried using the Discover search to bring up this post by putting the URL in there but that didn’t work either. Any thoughts on how I might go about doing this?’s support for ActivityPub/Mastodon is still early and has quirks. Sometimes, not all posts show up, and as you’ve discovered for yourself: it’s not possible to search for individual posts. At least not yet.

So, unfortunately, there’s not much you can do other than wait. @manton might manually add the missing post when he sees this thread.

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I too have noticed this with specific mastodon accounts so glad to see I am not the only one.

This is interesting. I’ve tried to unravel how to find that specific thread and it is difficult, because when we initially load posts for a Mastodon user, we do it from the RSS feed which includes a limited number of recent posts and not replies. I think we need to add better paging through recent posts from within Sorry that this isn’t easier (or even possible in some cases) yet.

Another option we could explore would be pasting in a full post URL from Mastodon, and could load the conversation. That could also be useful.