Reply to all mentioned?

Hey folks,

I suppose this is specifically aimed at @manton I dunno? :man_shrugging:

Anyway…I have a number of conversations with multiple people mentioned in a thread, many of which aren’t on However, when I hit the reply button, it only replies to the person who made the comment I’m replying to.

For example, if I’m having a conversation with, and, and person1 replies to the conversation, they mention all 4 of us.

If I then reply to person1’s comment, only mentions person1 - person2 and person3 are left out. I then need to go and look up their fediverse user handle and add it. On the mobile app, it’s fine as it auto-completes, but it doesn’t seem to do that on the webUI.

Is it possible to change the behaviour to reply-all, or add an option to reply-all? It’s incredibly frustrating.



Someday it may be available in the official clients. For now, you can use Gluon, which includes reply all support.

We also have a reply-all interface in our companion app Sunlit that I really like. I want to bring that to the rest of

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Thanks gents, but neither of these options really solve the problem. It would be great for the reply-all feature to come over from Sunlit, but the mobile app is a lesser problem as it supports auto-complete. With the webUI having neither an auto-complete, or a reply-all option, it’s actually more difficult there.

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+1 for this feature request.