Reply by email plugin

Hey @sod, I’m trying out your reply by email on my test blog,, but I’m not seeing anything after installing and setting it up. I was hoping for this link at the bottom of every post. Am I missing something, or maybe it doesn’t work with TinyTheme?

Hey, thanks for checking out my plug-in. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: No, you’re not missing anything, Tiny theme has built-in support for Reply by email so it Should Just Work™. Here are some thoughts…

Maybe there’s a glitch or error somewhere that prevents the blog to build. Try forcing a rebuild and keep an eye on the logs for any errors.

Also, double check that there’s no custom theme applied that overrides Tiny theme’s templates and removes the lines of code necessary for my plug-in to work.

Thanks SOD, you were right.

There was a short code I worked on from my last attempt. I deleted it from my theme, so I thought I was fine, but then when I looked at the logs I saw there are still errors stemming from the /content/ library - the post referring to the shortcode was still there, but there was no shortcode! that was the issue.

Now with these posts removed and the shortcode reference, your plugin shows at the bottom of the post as it should be. Thanks for directing me in the right direction :blush: