Replies to posts not appearing in timeline

I’ve noticed that just this morning, my replies to posts in my timeline do not appear either in the timeline or in my Replies channel. If I try to reply via a web browser, the reply just disappears. If I try to post via the M.b Mac app, the app crashes. This was not happening last night.

(My blog is externally hosted, which is why I’ve posted to this category – really wasn’t sure which category was appropriate)

We are experimenting with some changes to make it more difficult for spammers to post to, and I think part of that change has interfered with your use of here. You should be getting an error message if you don’t have a paid subscription, but it shouldn’t be crashing… I’ll look into fixing that.

In the meantime, you should be able to reply again if you do this: if you’re not using your hosted microblog trial, click on Account, scroll down to your blog hostname, and click the little trash icon to delete the blog. That will give a hint that you’re hosting the blog externally. If you ever want to host with in the future, you can recreate the blog.


Ah, that seems to have done it. Thank you.

@manton I’ve also just noticed this issue today. I tried to reply to a few folks on using the macOS app and it crashes immediately. Posting to works fine though. Using the non-beta iOS app gives no indication of error, but the replies never appear in my timeline, nor do they get to the recipient.

UPDATE: I just deleted the blog that was tied to my account and that seems to have fixed the replies.

Thanks for letting us know… Sorry about this change. We’ll update the apps to be better handle this. And we’re still experimenting with how this should work so may end up changing it again.

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