Replies to Mastodon account on not showing up on Mastodon?

I have cross-posting setup with Mastodon. I also have federation setup under my account. And I can follow Mastodon accounts in If I make a post in the timeline, it shows up on my Mastodon account. So far, so good. However, if I reply in to a Mastodon account’s post, and then go to Mastodon and go look for that same exact post, I don’t see my reply showing up there. I would expect to see it there. I did search the help but couldn’t find this specific topic. Wondering where I went wrong. Thanks!

Sometimes the search terms don’t give you what you need… But this (post about the same issue) was literally the second post below yours. :grin:

I have the same problem. :confused:

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Ah ok thank you! I have replied in that thread as well.

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I expect this was resolved with the Mastodon fix in the other threads. There is still a known issue with searching for an exact URL of a post, but you should see replies now when browsing a thread on the Mastodon side.

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Thanks! And yes I do see my reply over on Mastodon now. Things still seem a bit weird in that, on, my account shows no posts at all. And on, it shows posts but not the newest. But, I’m just going to assume there’s some sort of caching going on and not worry about it at the moment. :sweat_smile: