Replies no longer 'linked' to post

Background: I was previously active on with a custom domain and paid account. I stopped using and changed to a free account. Yesterday, I re-started a paid account and re-enabled a custom domain.

Problem: Replies to my older post no longer seem to be connected to the post. They don’t show on the posts and the “fallback link” from the conversation plugin shows on them.

I believe this happened when I added the custom domain back to the site. Does anyone know of a fix for this?

Conversation.js doesn’t really support changing domain names. When you visit that old post, this URL will fail to load:

That’s because there newer was a blog post with that path on the timeline. The original post was published to Conversation.js isn’t smart enough to figure that out.

Also, see my and Manton’s replies in this thread.

One way to work around this limitation is to do a check in the template. Is this an old post? Then fetch conversation.js with the old domain name. If not, use the new domain name.

Hmm. Oddly those posts were created using the same domain name. I’m using the same domain name I was previously.

Yeah, that’s odd. If you go back on your timeline that entry does link to But maybe @manton is doing some trickery with the timeline when a paid user stops paying for a custom domain?

There’s a bug where some internal URLs are not updated for the domain name. I’ve fixed this for your account and the replies should show up now. As @sod said, Conversation.js isn’t very smart about this and relies on the URLs matching up internally… Pretty sure we can improve this or fix the underlying issue if it still exists.

Thank you very much!