Replies more than X back in history unavailable

On I can scroll through my prior replies. But for me, scrolling stops in September. If I delete a reply, a previous reply is pulled up. So by deleting ~8 replies I was able to see some of August’s replies. Is there a way to view replies further back?

I don’t think this is currently possible in the web client. You could embed all your replies on your blog by navigating to Account and selecting your blog in the select box named Include my replies on. After that, all your replies should be available at the URL

Depending on the theme you’re using, you might have to install the plug-in Paginate settings and tick the checkbox named Paginate replies. If your theme doesn’t allow you to navigate to the second page, you can manually reach it (and succeeding pages) like this:

You might also be interested in my plug-in, Search Space. It lets you search all your replies and posts.

Okay. Mostly wanting to be able to search (and remove if ephemeral / no longer relevant / not useful for posterity) old replies, which are not necessarily on the blogsite, but on the “ActivityPub” feed

Looks like the app and web interface max out at about 50 reply history, and otherwise no access to greater than 50 replies. Would be helpful to be able to 1) see all, and 2) delete individually.

Thanks y’all. This is a limitation we should fix. You should be able to scroll back to any of your previous replies. We should add a search box too.