Replacing blog title with graphic

I’d like to replace the text blog title at the top of each paged with a graphic. I realize I need to edit the custom CSS somehow, accounting for the masthead-title classes, but other than that, I’m not sure how to go about it. Any pointers?

Most themes will have this content under layouts/partials/header.html and you’ll want to look for {{ .Site.Title }}.

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Ah, good to know. Well, looks like I’m downloading Manton’s Kiko from Github and doing some editing, aren’t I?


You can just edit your theme within It starts with a copy of the current theme. There’s some advantage to doing things locally (and disadvantage), but for a minor change like this, I’d just make a custom theme that you’re forking from Kiko in your Design section of You can do this on a test blog first.

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