Renaming Categories - Wait Time

I have been on a month long project in the blog to reduce the number of categories - so it doesn’t take up quite as much space on the archive page. Over the weekend as part of that I renamed around half the categories to something shorter.

In the app the short categories are there, on the web site - they’re there. On Micro blog they are there - the only exception is the web site (the one place I really wanted the short names :slight_smile: ) …

So is this a hurry up and wait situation - or should I rebuild?

I would definitely try a rebuild,’s equivalent of turning it off and on again. :blush: Keep an eye on the logs as the rebuild is happening, in case there’s something stopping it from completing.

Thank you Sven - I liked this morning and about half the categories were there so decided that it was taking its own sweet time - so left it - just went back and those categories were all gone again - so I HIT that button - lets see :slight_smile:

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Thank you - fixed - took about three days to rebalance

Huh, it’s weird that it took that long. You’re not training an AI model, after all. :smile: A full rebuild of my site, containing 1.732 posts and replies, takes a couple of minutes or so, depending on server load:

2024-06-03 07:47:09	Publish: Done 🎉 
2024-06-03 07:45:50	Publish: Starting full rebuild…

Is it for real that the actual rebuild takes so longs for you, what does the logs say?

Given that your site has 6 times as many posts and replies as mine, 10.392 as I write, I would expect a build time around 12 minutes, give or take. Not three days. :sweat_smile:

Yes - I get that kind of data / info - but then when I go look at the site - the changes are not there - problem is often around categories - I don’t do anything else - doesn’t stop me using the site - so just keep going - keep checking from time to time and eventually it is all right again.

Okay, I would say the most likely scenario, then, is either a local cache on problem your end (like in the browser) or something is up with, causing the rebuilt site to not roll out properly.

What do you think, @manton, could there be a replication problem John is experiencing?