Removing Blank Custom Themes

I have accidentally created two blank custom themes. Though I am not given the ability on the Edit Custom Themes page to delete them. How can I remove them both?

Thank you

Select the theme itself to view/edit - atop that page is a ‘Delete Theme’ button.

Unless by not having the ability to delete them this is not available/working for you?

Just noticed I can upload photos. There is no where to select them to delete.

By “blank custom theme” do you mean you created themes without giving them names, and because of that, there are no links visible on the page you’ve screenshotted? In that case, you have to inspect the HTML to find the URLs.

In most desktop browsers you can right-click the page and click Show Page Source (or similar) to show the HTML. Scrolling through the source, you will find a section looking like this:

<table class="table table-striped">
    <th class="table_last_column"></th>    
    <td><a href="/account/themes/20524/templates"></a></td>
    <td class="table_last_column"></td>
    <td><a href="/account/themes/20525/templates"></a></td>
    <td class="table_last_column"></td>

The two paths in the example above (/account/themes/20524/templates and /account/themes/20525/templates) are what you’re looking for. But, the numbers will differ for the themes you’ve created. To construct a full URL, append like this:

Again, your URLs will have numbers different from the ones above. Once you’ve constructed an URL, visit it in your browser and hit Delete Theme on that page to remove the theme.

@manton might want to prevent us from creating nameless themes. :blush:

Oops, thanks for the work-around @sod. Yes, we shouldn’t allow blank theme names. I’ll fix this. Maybe we’ll just set them to “Untitled” for now.

Thanks for the help everyone! I will try to track them down.

As a follow up: This worked for me. It is resolved now.

Thank you again.