Remove requirement to include https:// for urls

Currently, if you forget to include the transfer protocol, it assumes you mean a relative link:

This is not intuitive UX, especially for non-technical bloggers.
It’s particularly unintuitive because page names are not memorable enough to write links in generally. I mean MAYBE someone would through in an (about) perhaps.
The only way I can see prioritising internal links is if you build another feature: make it easier to link to previous posts, e.g. by allowing copy & paste previous Posts to obtain the relative link.

my stopgap solution: TextReplacement in Keyboard settings to make me quicker

I find it a bit janky though.
Also these text replacements don’t seem to work on Firefox.

How do you copy a link that doesn’t include the transfer protocol?

Is the URL written down in plain text somewhere without the protocol and that was the thing you copied? Is this a common occurrence for people?

I often type in web addresses manually.
To be fair, I use link shortening services with patterns (e.g. for my songs for example) more than most probably.

My qualm relates to the broader point that the 8 characters is too much for a ubiquitous part of address. My town-mate Tim Berners-Lee himself admitted he should have just done http: without the two slashes!
Hey: at least Google are binning www. meaning that there’s not 12 characters of cruft needing to be typed. The one good thing Google have done recently.

Ah yes! Manually typing URLs is not a thing I do very often but I agree it would be useful for those occasions, such as with short URLs.

I would imagine most non-technical bloggers are more likely to use a share function of some kind (share sheet, etc) rather than typing out an address. Also, the iOS app recently got auto-fill from the clipboard whenever you use the Markdown link button.

Still, I agree it would be good to see manual typists catered for either way.

I’m not sure, but I suspect this is just how Hugo parses Markdown.

so requirement to specify protocoll is essentially built into Markdown?

hope @manton can try keep native Mac app up to speed with iOS!

Seems to be falling behind:

Not necessarily Markdown itself, but how Hugo (the blog engine that powers interprets links. There’s a lot of magic there to try and make rel links work easy for folks link to static files around their site, and I don’t think this is something super modifiable.

I think we’re going to keep requiring the “http” part of URLs. will auto-link full URLs without requiring the Markdown, but I’ve found with similar features that if I try to make it too clever, it tends to increase the chance of other unrelated problems, and makes documenting the behavior more difficult.

I could see improving the macOS app’s “Format” menu → “Link” command to be smarter about this, though, since it wouldn’t affect anything else in

yeah that would be an improvement: if command-K prefilled [https://] rather than just []

or if you really don’t wanna alienate some of your old-fashioned techies play it safe with prefill [http]