Reduce columns in Photos Page plug in

I’m using the Photos Page plugin by @kottkrig

I was wondering if anyone can see an easy way to reduce the number of columns in masonry view?

I like my blog to be narrow in format and I have chosen a smaller body width than the default in Tiny Theme. I like having two columns on my Photos when viewing on my phone. But on wider screens I have four columns, which I don’t like. I’d prefer two columns on all screen sizes.

I have been tinkering with custom CSS and custom templates but with no luck. I’m really not sure what I’m doing. Can anyone help me?


Hello @aeryn, thank you for trying out the Photos page plugin.

I’ve pushed out an update to the plugin that will let you control the number of columns used in the “masonry” layout for both small- and large screens.

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Hi @kottkrig , thank you very much for doing that. Works perfectly! I really appreciate it.

Thanks for this, @kottkrig. Any chance for pagination for the photos page?

Also, can we style the photos to have rounded corners?

Custom css targeting those photos can round them. Just set the border radius on the appropriate selector.

That didn’t work. Also, I see a microsecond of flicker in the photos grid when I load that page.