Redirects are 302

Is there a reason why the redirects are 302 instead of 301? My understanding is that 302 is temporary.

Not an answer to your question, but linking to a previous discussion that might be of interest.

Not much has changed since that discussion. Probably should be a setting when creating redirects for people who want more control. Personally I feel like 302 is a reasonable default, and if we made it 301 instead someone would ask for an option to make it 302! :slightly_smiling_face: But happy to hear other opinions about this.

I’d say go with the one that makes sense to the majority of customers.

Are the majority of redirects of the kind “page maintenance, look here instead” or “I’m running a sale this week, look at this campaign site” and soon to be changed back? Use 302 as the default.

If instead, most redirects are like “hey, my previous /about-me page now lives under /about” or “my old blog,, has moved to” use 301 as the default.

Another way to frame it.

Do most customers expect Google and other search engines to update their indexes based on this redirect? Use 301 (strong signal) as the default.

Or do most customers expect search indexes to ignore the temporary URL and keep the original one? Use 302 (weak signal) as the default.

Or, from the horse’s mouth:

Choosing a redirect depends on how long you expect the redirect will be in place and what page you want Google Search to show in search results:

  • Permanent redirects: Show the new redirect target in search results.
  • Temporary redirects: Show the source page in search results.

I don’t think we can assume anything about how people want to use this. For example, I only have two redirects on my blog and both make more sense as 302 redirects to me. So I still think this should be a setting. I’ll work on adding that.

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Definitely should be 301 in my opinion. Quite surprised to find they’re not. I have a few, and am likely to add more as I find more links that go to my blog’s old structure.

I agree with @devilgate. At least when migrating from one my old URL structure to the structure, these redirects should be 301, as they are not going back. Having a setting works too.