Recommendations feature: editing, ordering, and Mastodon sites?

Before I start trying to troubleshoot browser issues:

  1. Can blogroll items be re-ordered? I see a handle that implies they can be dragged around, but it isn’t functional.

  2. Is there a way to edit an item in an existing list?

  3. Does it make sense to add someone’s Mastodon site as a blog if they don’t have a more traditional site? I don’t know what all the plumbing underneath does in Recommendations, and whether it matters.

Well, since I made this post it appears #1 and #2 have been resolved.

I still have no idea if it makes sense to add a Mastodon link as a “blog” in this context.

I don’t see a readily apparent way to edit the list other than deleting and readding a site. Am I missing something?

For re-ordering, there are faint drag handles to the far right of each entry:

For editing, click on the name in the list and you will get an editing screen. That is pretty new, (I think?):

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Thanks! Have you seen anywhere where the text you type in the About: field appears?

Nope, that remains a mystery to me! Or maybe it’s for a future feature. It would be awesome if I could export my blogrolls to OPML with that description!

The “about” text isn’t currently used anywhere except that it’s available for plug-ins and themes to access. It’s not in the OPML either… I’m not sure what OPML field would be appropriate for it, but I can look into that.

For #3, I think adding someone’s Mastodon profile would be totally fine. Recommendations were designed so that you can put essentially any URL in there.