Quotes added to blockquotes on Mastodon/Blue Sky

It looks like quotes are added to blockquotes for feeds on Mastodon and when crossing posting to Blue Sky.

I posted the following:

> “I heard Turnpike’s back together and they’re writing songs”

And it appears correctly on my site and in the Micro.blog feed

But on Mastodon and Blue Sky it’s wrapped in additional straight quotes

I’d prefer it posted as written (or on platforms that don’t support blockquotes, for it to keep the > insetad of wrapping it in quotes

A blockquote may be a quote or it may be section of copy, like this pull quote on the Verge.

Which is rendered like this when cross-posted with their Mastodon bot:

I like that Micro.blog shows it w/ blockquote styles on Mastodon (which supports that element) and tries to signify that quoted text was posted as such, but when converted to plain text, I think the original markdown character (>) would avoid complications that come from wrapping it in quotes.

Yeah, Micro.blog assumes when using a block quote that you aren’t adding quote characters yourself. We could fix this just to check if quotes are already there, and if so not wrap it. I tried a couple things and found that the quotes do help on platforms like Mastodon that don’t have real block quotes yet.

Thanks for the reply. Checking for quotes would be a nice addition that doesn’t change Micro.blog’s preferred formatting of crossposts. :slight_smile:

Not sure if this is part of the 4.2 beta or has been released widely, but mastodon.social supports ’blockquote’ now.

Ah, good news. Over time we can drop the extra quotes then, when more people are running 4.2. Thanks!