Quickly De-categorize Photos?

Hi! My photos page is all mucked up with screenshots and memes that have no place in society much less on my photos page. :man_shrugging:t2: I feel like I need to start over. Is there a way to easily remove the photos category from all of the photos and then re-add it to just the photos I want to appear on that page? Or an alternative means to the same end? I’d just like for people to click on Photos and see actual photos I’ve taken.

There’s not really a concept of a category for photos. Instead, by default, the photos page lists only JPEG images, the rationale being that a .jpg is probably a photo while .gifs and .pngs are most likely screenshots or illustrations. Some themes and plug-ins might change this behavior, though.

So, unless you want to get your hands dirty with some custom coding, the way to go is to make sure that all photos are .jpgs (and that none of your screenshots and memes are).

Photo pages document some technical details.

I use the Micro.blog plugin Photos Category. This creates a Photography page that displays only the photos you choose to categorize as Photography. You can hide you default Photos page with all the screenshots and just display your personally curated one.

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Just to make sure I haven’t misunderstood, that plug-in let you choose a post category to display photos from, right? I don’t think there’s a way to categorize actual images.

That’s correct. I choose “Photography” as the category for the post that contains the Photo. The page that results is :camera_flash:Photos | Lou Plummer (amerpie.lol)

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There’s another plugin that will let you specify multiple categories from which you can pull photos to post on the Photos page. I generally also include categories like food, travel, etc.


Thanks, guys!