Pushing theme updates

Hi, I’ve cloned a theme to customize it for my website @ Cotellese.net. I was able to add the custom theme from the design screen by add my GitHub URL.

Now, when I make updates to the theme and push a new version to GitHub it doesn’t seem to update on my site.

Is there another step here? Do I need to delete and re-add the theme?

Also, any tips to develop / debug the theme locally with content?


You need to delete and re-add. There’s no automated pull of themes. However, if you make your theme a plugin, you can reinstall by changing the plug in version and then reinstalling.

bummer. Ok.

I’m going to work on fixing this, either with a “Refresh from GitHub” button or automatically. I’ve been working on a couple plug-ins this week too and it really highlighted how annoying this workflow can be.

Thanks y’all.

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My .02 start with whatever is easier and see how many people use it. Thanks!