Publishing a new Plugin


Yesterday, I put together a new plugin, Reply on Mastodon. This plugin adds a link to blog posts, enabling readers to interact and reply via Mastodon.

As of now, I have successfully integrated this plugin into my blog by installing it through the ‘Design > Edit Custom Theme > New Plug-in’ option. The plugin is visible under ‘Plug-ins’ and functions as anticipated.

What steps should I take next to make it accessible to all users? My goal is to have it readily available to all users under ‘Plug-ins > Find Plug-ins.’

Thank you.

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Looks great! You can add the plug-in here for everyone to be able to install:

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Thanks Manton!

Thanks for crediting me but honestly, you don’t have to. I merely asked if someone could make it. You creating it is more than enough :smiling_face:

You were the Product Owner for this :wink:

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