Profile photos

You can upload a profile photo just for by clicking “Account” on the web. Look for the “Edit” link under your current profile photo. Or, if you’re currently signed in, click here to choose a new photo.

A square format image will likely work the best, but is not required, unless you are using to host your podcast. The Apple Podcasts Directory requires a profile image be 1400 x 1400 pixels.

Until you post a profile image, the default light gray circle will appear with your posts in the timeline. (If you have a Gravatar account that uses the same email address as your account, will use your Gravatar profile photo until you upload one to

I believe my account is connected via Gravatar. How long does it take for M.b to pull in the latest version?

After over 48 hours I figured perhaps it doesn’t pull in the new one automatically. So I went in and updated my profile photo.

That’s strange, I thought the Gravatar changes were picked up immediately unless they are cached by Gravatar itself. Did you already have a profile photo uploaded in too? If so, it stops checking Gravatar and always uses the copy that is stored in

@manton I don’t recall manually replacing it. But perhaps I did.

I’m still seeing my old avatar in the iOS app. But it has updated on the web and macOS app.

I think the iOS app keeps the photo too long. If you force quit the app and/or sign out, it should force it to refresh from the latest version, though.