Profile photos with multiple blogs

It’s possible on to have multiple blogs or podcasts for a single account. When managing multiple blogs, you may want to override the image so that it’s different than your profile photo.

Changing the header

To change the home page to use a new image instead of your profile photo, you’ll need to create a custom theme to override the header on your site:

  1. Upload a new photo under Posts → Uploads. Copy the URL for the uploaded file.
  2. Click on Posts → Design and then Edit Custom Themes.
  3. Create a new theme. You can name it whatever you want.
  4. Click on the theme to edit it and look for the template layouts/partials/profile.html.
  5. In that template, replace “” with the URL for the image you uploaded in the Uploads tab.
  6. After saving it, make sure to go back to Posts → Design and select the custom theme to use for your site.

Podcast cover art

To customize the podcast cover art, upload a new PNG in on the web under Posts → Uploads. The dimensions should be 1400x1400 because that’s what Apple’s podcast directory prefers. Then click on Posts → Design and click the small preview of your current profile photo to pick the cover art for your podcast.

iOS home screen icon blogs have a basic “favicon” based on your profile photo. This should appear in web browsers and feed readers. When adding a blog as an icon on the iOS home screen, though, a custom image needs to be provided to iOS.

  1. Upload a PNG of the right dimensions under Posts → Uploads. Copy the URL for the uploaded file.
  2. Create a new custom theme on (or use your current custom theme if you already have one). Custom themes are managed under Posts → Design → Edit Custom Themes.
  3. Search for the template layouts/partials/head.html and click on it to edit it.
  4. Add the HTML to reference your uploaded PNG file. It should be something like:
<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="url-here" />

After saving the template, make sure the custom theme is set for your blog.

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