Profile photo reverted to old image instead of Gravatar

Yesterday on the timeline, my profile photo was my Gravatar. Today it is an old image I uploaded and deleted a while ago. I hadn’t changed anything overnight.

I tried to get it to reset by going to my Account page and uploading the same image I’m using as my Gravatar. Unfortunately, that resulted in a gray square profile photo.

My Gravatar has not worked for over a week. I think there’s something wrong with’s use.

I finally got a replacement photo to upload, but I hope @manton can look into the Gravatar issues soon.

I checked both those profile photos and I think we may have a bug where the profile photo is being replaced by something from Mastodon or another server. They were both pointed to other servers, not I’ve cleared it so it should use Gravatar or the uploaded photo now.

Strange! I did notice that my ActivityPub does not have my avatar either (or didn’t used to— my profile does seem to have my gravatar again) but I have no idea how some other server may have messed with me.

I deleted the photo I uploaded and it’s using an old photo for me, not my Gravatar.

My Gravatar still wasn’t working this morning, and I really don’t want that old photo of me showing up anywhere, so I re-uploaded the same avatar I’m using on Mastodon and everywhere else.

I’d like to use Gravatar in the future, so I’ll just wait until this thread is updated once it is fixed.

I found the problem and the fix will roll out today. Thanks!