Preview blog posts in actual blog theme?

Sorry if this has been discussed - I tried searching for it and couldn’t find anything relevant.

I’m really enjoying using to host my website/blog - but it’d be nice if there was a way to preview content in my actual theme before publishing a blog post. Is there something i’m missing, or is this not a possibility?


It’s not possible but it is planned. I agree this is really important.


Ok, thanks for the quick response. Looking forward to it :smile:

If you use a Mac, it is possible using MarsEdit.

Thanks! I actually write and post primarily from my phone (which doesn’t seem to have MarsEdit), but I will check it out on desktop.

iA Writer has templating, which might get the job done. I’ve yet to test it but it has always looked promising for this scenario.

iAWriter I don’t think has custom templates for previewing. MarsEdit has the advantage of autodetecting and downloading your CSS.

Templates are built with web pages. You can use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to lay out your documents. If you know how to make a web site, you can easily make an iA Writer template.

Source: iainc/iA-Writer-Templates: Preview, create PDFs, and print documents in your own style with templates in iA Writer.

That’s from GitHub and they have info on their site. I’m definitely still a novice with this kind of thing but it sounds like it should work.

Also, yep, MarsEdit is great but as JP said he mostly works from the phone.

Ah look at that. In the preview menu it doesn’t show there could be custom templates until you add one.

That said, while that might get you things like text color and size to some degree, and you could probably make the template match, MarsEdit does some awesome stuff, like recognize HTML to grab your headers etc automagically.

I tried to find where MarsEdit saves the preview template (found the default, but not the one it downloaded for me) to see if it’d be possible to grab that to help someone out using iAWriter on mobile, but alas, I couldn’t find it.

I also think is great for this (and use it with Markdown in general)

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Yes, this would be a nice feature to have. Thanks for your efforts.

MarsEdit stores the preview template in a property list file for the blog along with many other settings/data. The easiest way to find it is to hold the option key while selecting Help → Open MarsEdit Data Folder. Within that folder you’ll find a DataSources.plist file that contains all the blog configurations. Search for “previewTemplate” to find the storage for the template.

Shameless self-promotion: my new plug-in might be a solution. A simple post editor with one magical feature: live previews.

See it in action below, try it on my blog, or look up :unicorn: Magic Preview in the plug-in directory. :warning: Read the important notice there before installing.

Very cool, thanks @sod! :tada: