Prevent Assigning a Category Filter by Condition

When I post photos I’ll do it as a short post without a title and prefix the post body with a camera emoji, using a filter that looks for “:camera:” to put it into the “Photos” category. This works great.

I want short posts without a camera emoji to post into a different “Thoughts” category and longer posts with titles will go into a “Posts” category.

The problem I have is the photos posts are also getting assigned the “Thoughts” category because both are short posts without titles. I don’t want this.

Is there a way to set a “not” condition in a filter? As in, the short post does “not” have a camera emoji (e.g. “!:camera:”).


That’s a great suggestion. I’ve wanted that too. There’s no way to do it right now… You would need to manually edit the post later to un-assign the category.

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Thanks @manton. That’s what I thought when I couldn’t find any docs on it. Appreciate the response.