Posts or Pages?

I am learning to bake. I have created a page called recipes (currently blank) and a couple of recipe pages (example).

Before I go too far down this road, I am wrestling with two questions:

  1. Does using pages for recipes make the most sense, or should I use posts? I’m not sure of the advantages. Especially when it comes to:

  2. How to (somewhat automatically) list and organize the recipes on the recipe page/index.

I’m guessing that using posts for recipes, since posts can have categories might be a better way to go?

How many recipes do you expect to have? If you have maybe a dozen or fewer, I think pages is a perfectly fine way to organize them. It’s not so many that you can’t manually maintain a special Recipes page that lists everything. You can also still post short microblog posts with a summary of the recipe and link to the full page.

I do this kind of thing sometimes when I want a standalone page that exists aside from the blog. For example, I just started a Texas State Parks page which I will update with links and little thumbnail photos over time. It will usually link to blog posts, but they could also be separate pages.

If you might have dozens or hundreds of recipes, I would make them blog posts. That way they have a date and a category. You can link to the category so someone can see all the recipes together. You also have some flexibility later using a custom template if you want to go down that path. has more features for posts than pages, and the pages interface will get a little overloaded if there are many, many recipes.

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