Posts not appearing on index page with Hyde theme

I forked the Hyde plugin that @manton created to make my own theme plugin. It’s called Vapor1994. It’s a WIP.

The problem is that when I use this plugin, no posts appear on my homepage. I only changed CSS in my new plugin. I figured I must have messed something up, so I changed back to the default Hyde plugin to see what I’d done wrong. Unfortunately, the posts still do not appear.

It appears that the issue lies with the original Hyde plugin. Before I began developing this theme, I was using a customized version of Hyde that worked fine but it seems whatever I did to fix it is lost to time.

My guess is that it’s something with the paginator and post types but I’m not sure. The posts appear fine on the category pages if that’s any clue. AFAIK, they use the same “list.html” template.

This is something I’ve run into too since switching to the latest version of Hugo. One work-around I’ve done is to duplicate the list.html file and make an index.html file for the home page. In that, you can reference .Site.Pages to get the pages that should be on the home page.

I’ll double-check the Hyde theme too. Let me know if you run into any problems or discover anything else we need to fix. Thanks!

Adding a layout/index.html seems to have fixed it for me. Thanks!

There was a layout/_default/index.html file but it seems like Hugo didn’t want to use that one.

@manton and @ezellwrites would it be possible to provide a bit of step-by step guidance? I tried to fork the Hyde theme repo and add the files as mentioned above but couldnt get the forked version to be added to the blog.

If the issue with no content appearing on home page would be fixed, I can wait and then add it to the blog as well.

I’ve just seen this. Do you still need help?

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