Posts in my external JSON feed not being imported

I have an external JSON feed ( ) which recently stopped importing from when I updated my site. I can’t see any errors/feedback but the timeline isn’t showing new posts.

I’ve successfully tested the feed in JSON validators but I wonder if something is broken or incompatible under the hood. Would you mind checking? expects a “date_published” field in your feed items. It looks like you only have “date_modified”. I can look into falling back on that, but for now I’d recommend adding “date_published” too (or instead of “_modified” if that’s more appropriate).

Thanks very much, @manton. That was what I missed – I’ve updated the feed and posts are now appearing correctly.

Is picky about the name e.g. “pubdate” vs “date_published”. I’m using a default rss template from Hugo and it outputs “pubdate”. My RSS feed was working until a few days ago on but now no new posts are arriving.