Posts in my external JSON feed get imported multiple times

My notes json feed has items imported into multiple times, seemingly at random. I think this is happening whenever I push and my site rebuilds. I’m confident the published_date is not changing.

Does anyone have any idea why the re-publishing might be happening? Thanks!

It looks like you have 2 feeds listed on your account under “Edit Feeds & Cross-posting”. If those feeds contain the same posts, it could lead to inconsistent results like this. I recommend removing the XML feed from and just keeping the JSON Feed.

Also, the “url” field in your feed is not a full URL. Make sure it has https:// and your domain name at the beginning.

Thanks Manton. They don’t contain the same data. My ultimate idea was that they should syndicate to different services. Maybe I should just make the xml feed, json. (Which is much better btw, so thanks for the spec!)

I’ll check out the https thing, hopefully there’s some weirdness I can solve there which will prevent the reposting.

Oh sorry, I just assumed they had the same posts. In that case, it’s possible there was a timing issue where it accidentally added duplicate posts. That should be very rare, though, so if it happens again please let me know. You can also remove’s copy of the duplicate by clicking the “Remove” link in the timeline.

I just removed the xml feed and it’s still happening on multiple posts. It’s not rare, it occurs every time I rebuild my site. Does look at the last updated file of the json file?

I also need to try fixing the url of the post to see if that helps. uses the “id” field to determine whether to create a new post or update an existing post. Is it possible that field was changing? For example, I noticed one of your duplicates had “/notes/2022-01-05-gawdi/” and another had “/content/notes/2022-01-05-gawdi/” (extra “/content”).

Ahhhhhhh… damn. Yes! The permalink changed between two builds. Thanks Manton for the insight.