Posts going to the timeline that shouldn’t be

In my account, only posts tagged Moments are supposed to go to the timeline.

The only source for my timeline is

But this post has been put on the timeline. Which is not in the Moments category.

I don’t understand how this happened. Is it a bug?

A post I published earlier today was omitted properly from the timeline as expected. So it seems to me this is something that’s changed today.

Hi @manton, can you help with this?

I’ve been testing again today with the official app and Gluon. I have posts going to the timeline that aren’t in the source feed for my account.

Thank you, I can confirm this is a bug. I should have the fix ready in about half an hour. For now, you’ll want to click the Remove link in the timeline to get rid of the posts, and they shouldn’t come back. (Removing a post in the timeline does not delete the actual blog post.)

This fix has been rolled out.

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Thank you @manton