Posts are no longer appearing in the appropriate page of my website

I have a “newsletters” category and a page that should display that category.

I would appreciate any ideas about how to fix it. Here is my website:

Here is the page where the newsletter category should appear:

Here is the url I listed on that page:

The archive section shows the 2 posts in that category. I will supply additional details if needed.

Thank you for your help.

Do you, by any chance, have the Premium sub and use the Newsletter feature of MB?

This might be messing up due to a recently change in how older newsletters can appear on your blog. Have you enabled the Newsletter plugin?

yes, premioum and the and the Newsletter emailed out feature.

Yes, have enabled the plug in.

That’s what’s messing it up. Consider renaming your newsletter category or disabling the Newsletter plugin. Both serve different aspects on the blog.

Thank you for the suggestion. I am not having good luck with this. I changed “newsletters” to “Family News”. I updated the category and the information on the page directing it to display the posts…now it is only showing 1 of the 2 posts in the newly created category under the archive section (with no obvious reason why – both have the same box checked), and is not showing anything under the new page.

Things can be aggressively cached. Try refreshing after sometime. Else reach out to @manton who may be able to jiggle some wires in the backend.

Thanks a lot. I understand it may take some time for it to refresh…I just hope I am not inadvertently doing something to cause this, but my other pages and post format seem to be working, so I don’t think I have anything wrong with the settings.

I have taken the following steps:

  1. removed all plugs ins
  2. removed the newsletter functionality (which I’d like to have)
  3. changed the name of the category from “newsletter” to “family news”

Now, it lists two “family news” categories under archive and it still will not list the 2 posts categorized as “family news” under the appropriate page.

I believe my blog is bugged and will tech support to fix this, please.

Do you see any errors here? If not, can you click the Rebuild button and wait for that to succeed? Categories are often the last to get built and can take some time when making changes like this.

I don’t see the word “error”. It does see “feed not rebuilt” (or something similar). In the archive, there is “family news” and that does have the 2 posts set to that category…it also has a 2nd “family news” that should not be in the archive and that has no posts associated with it.

There is a “family news” page that still does not have the appropriate posts on that page.

I tried rebuilding it a couple of times previously (yesterday and today), but still no changes.

Thanks for your help. Sorry I can’t figure it out.

I deleted the “family news” page. I deleted the “family news” category. I added a “news” category. I added a “news” page.

It is now working.

I don’t know this, but it suggests to me perhaps there’s something funky about categories with spaces in the name.