Posting with Drafts

I don’t know how to script, but I have found one action handy for Post/Update to Unfortunately, I’ve also run into some trouble with it. Maybe it has something to do with’s API? For example, a title with a colon in it loses the colon, and code blocks set off by Markdown’s three backward ticks on each end is sometimes partly replaced by something that looks like safe URI equivalents. It’s also stopped following the crosspost choices it solicits, though I can’t recall if this only happened when these other issues arose.

I should probably follow up on this on the Drafts help pages, but I thought I’d first see if anyone here has had any similar experiences or has any tips for me. Also, I notice the Posting API help page has nothing to say about such potential behaviors with certain characters.

At the same time, the API help page has not been updated to include crossposting, so I can’t ask about that issue over in the Drafts community.

This sounds entirely like issues with proper encoding/escaping on the Drafts action side. These limitations don’t exist on other tools (Ulysses, iAWriter, MarsEdit) that use the API.

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I have noticed this too. You can ping @donnydavis who wrote that Action. I haven’t seen him as active on in the last few months so not sure if he will see this.

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