Posting on Mastodon as a custom domain while still on free trial

I jumped on to the free trial to see if meets my needs (it does) and I’d like to get started to use my custom domain as my mastodon identity.

I’m still in the free trial and it looks like that is only possible if I’m on a paid account. seems to be working fine on my domain here but I assume I need to somehow pay for the first month to activate Mastodon integration. I’m more than happy to do that but there doesn’t seem to be any way to pay other than waiting for the trial period to end!

Once this is sorted it looks like I can just push my current to Again, I’m assuming this doesn’t currently work because of my Trial status.

I don’t know if it’s possible to set up a custom ActivityPub username during a trial or not. But have you tried setting it up? Do you get some kind of error message?

It should work even on a trial. The confusing part about adding a custom domain name, though, is that you have to “reset” the fediverse identity on Account → View Fediverse Details. This essentially deletes the old account from Mastodon servers and sets it up again using your new domain name.

Let us know if that doesn’t work!

Ah, yes that was the trick! My old Mastodon account now seems happy to migrate, which was the nub of the problem. Thanks.

Also once migration has started from Mastodon there is no longer access to the old account to export followers and followees (fortunately I’d already done that). Do I need to reimport the people I’m following? There doesn’t seem to be anywhere to view the current list.

Perhaps these could be noted as a step in the help page for custom domains and migrating from Mastodon.

Good point, we need to update the help pages for this to provide more detail.

The migration only handles migrating people who are following you, so for who you are following you will need to export/import that separately. (Possibly we should automate that during migration? I can look into that for the future.)