Posting More than 1 Image in a New Post

Hi - super new guy here! How do I ‘new post’ more than I image at a time? When I upload an image for a post it only let’s use the last one uploaded. I tried using Quill but was receiving errors. Thanks!

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I’d like this too. Currently, it seems only the macOS app has it but that excludes everyone on the Desktop without a Mac.

The Gluon and @manton’s photo-centric app (the name of which I can’t remember, feels like “sun” is involved somewhere) both allow for this.

Mimi is another app I use occasionally that is great at it’s one purpose, which is uploading a batch of photos and then letting you copy the necessary markdown or html for pasting into a post.

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Awesome - thanks for the feedback! I’ve got Gluon and I’ll check out Dialog as well. I’m an Android user so unfortunately Mimi won’t work for me.

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The web is the other answer. You can use the Uploads tab to copy the code for each image via the “Copy HTML” button.

That is my current workflow. Upload first photo with the post, save draft, write draft, go to uploads and upload remaining images, go back to posts, edit post, go back to uploads copy html, save draft, go back to uploads, copy htl save drafts.

I agree. A UI for multiple image upload per post be nice. Save me a few clicks

Or perhaps selecting images in the Uploads tab, and have an action to add them to a post?

My preferred way is to post from the iOS or iPadOS Photos app, with my selected images, and share it to the MB app as a post. Alas, it doesn’t seem to work on MacOS, but there you can far more easily select, drag and drop onto an empty document, I suppose (don’t have a Mac to test).

On Mac: Photos Uploads is buggy:

not to mention time-consuming. If you wanna place images inline in Article you have to first add to Uploads, then copy from there.

Not trying to derail any discussion about how the MB Mac app works, but for an excellent experience on the Mac with MB posting try MarsEdit. I’ve used the app for decades now and its developer Daniel Jalkut is also a MBer (and friend of Manton’s). Easy image uploads, placed wherever you want, plus lots of other bonus features.

appreciate the suggestion.
I try to stay 1st party where possible though to reduce entropy!

FWIW a direct stated goal of is that it’s published API ensures a supported, equally good experience with non-first party apps. So while I hear you, I wouldn’t worry about the entropy side.

Re. 3rd party apps: Ahh good to know! In that case I’d be interested in trying any 3rd party apps bespoke designed for M.b. I expect legacy apps are too much serving other use cases.