Posting images via web on iOS has changed for the worse

Today I opened Micro.Blog via Safari on my iPhone, entered my post and uploaded a photo. All good so far. Then I intended to tap the image icon, enter my alt text and Post. Instead all I got was a link for the image. When I tapped Preview it seemed the image wouldn’t be included.

Has something changed? I haven’t used any of the Micro.Blog apps for years as I don’t care for them and prefer to use the web interface. Instead I abandoned my attempt and posted when I got home from my Mac.

Hello Miraz!

I don’t have anything to add to this thread but wanted to say hi.

:wave: Kia ora!

This appears to be an issue with images that use the .jpeg file extension, instead of .jpg. I’ll get this fixed.

This fix has been deployed, so .jpeg should be handled correctly now. Thanks!

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Thanks. Seems it took my phone a day or two to notice, but I had success this morning. :grinning: