Posting from Obsidian with Shortcuts

With MacStories new Obsidian plugin to integrate with Shortcuts, it would be cool to have a shortcut that would enable you to post from Obsidian.

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I think you wouldn’t need an official microblog shortcut as you could post using the micropub API. I think I even have an old shortcut somewhere and could put one together pretty quick.

Also check out Humboldt which adds shortcuts for posting and photo upload. It’s available for Mac and iOS.

Unfortunately, the shortcuts from Humboldt don’t work with Obsidian. The one to post to gives me a message that “the provided parameters are missing the would be post’s content.” I’m looking for something that would directly post from a note in Obsidian. Posting as a draft would be even better.

That sounds like it might be promising. Please let me know what you find.

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Hey @ChrisJWilson, @manton, any more thoughts on whether/how it might be possible to write and post to from Obsidian?

Hello all, I’ve made this very quick and dirty Shortcut to show it could be done.

Set up like this

The only thing I can’t do without considerable work is images, so as a stop gap you could upload separately using this Shortcut.

Thanks Greg. I’ve been using the micro.publish plugin and it works well. I’m waiting for it to get image support, which is the next feature planned.