Posting from MarsEdit

Hi @manton,

When I post from Mars edit I don’t see those posts on the timeline until I go to posts on the web interface, and “update” that post. Daniel suggested I let you know if the problem persisted. It didn’t and then it did…

AlsoI pasted in an embed snippet from Strava, and it shows up on my blog but not the timeline. The snippet looks like this. Maybe that is just a rule for how the timeline behaves, but I was expecting it to show up.

<div class="strava-embed-placeholder" data-embed-type="activity" data-embed-id="8349716174"></div><script src=""></script>



Embeds are specifically excluded from the timeline.

I have the same problem when posting with MarsEdit and adding a picture. My work around for now is to only use MarsEdit to post text and use the website to post an image. It’s not ideal - I was hoping that I could just use MarsEdit.

Are you choosing to upload images when the post is sent versus right away? I always upload right away and have no problems.

This seems to be intermittent. I just tried a test post now and chose to upload with the post and it appeared in the timeline immediately.