Post re-published, but now disappeared including Mastodon comments

I’m not quite sure what has happened and what the best way is to explain but here it goes.
I started writing a post late at night on Jan 25th and finished it on Jan 26th right after midnight. I decided to retro-publish it on Jan 25 so I changed the date. It was published with the date and time Jan 25th 23:50. I didn’t have it crossposted to Mastodon automatically, but I created a manual post on Mastodon.

On Jan 27th I started MarsEdit to create a post. I hadn’t used it in a while so it downloaded a few of the missing post, including the one I published on 25/1.

When I published a new post on 27/1 I checked to see if it all went well. It did. But I also saw my post from 25/1 crossposted again to Mastodon. This time with a date in the link for the 26th.

I didn’t pay much attention to it untill later, when I got replies on the 2nd (crossposted) Mastodon post that got included with the post. But I also got mail notifications for comments through Cudis, a commenting system that I included in the template. These comments however were not visible with the post.

I just found out that somehow, on the frontend, this post is now visible twice. See this video: Screenshot--20240129224525 · CleanShot Cloud

The post dated 26/1 gives a 404. The post dated 25/1 is OK, and has the Cudis comments. But the post from 26/1 was visible until about an hour ago. I even shared it with a friend and I checked it before. The post was there. But I had no idea it was published twice. Only afterwards, when I scrolled through the frontpage myself I noticed it had published twice.

So I have no idea in what sort of situation these post(s?) are in. The correct one is still found on Frank Meeuwsen with 2 comments from the commenting system. The duplicate that somehow got posted on 27/1 as a new post, with the date from a day before, gives a 404 and the replies it got from Mastodon are gone.

I rebuilt the site two times but no change. I could make a new post to see what happens? But somehow this is a weird situation with some loss of conversation.