Post not updating, image links not working

I have a post on my blog that has two images that resolve fine when looking at the post on the page, but whose image paths are weirdly incorrect when published. I have edited the posts and also tried to rebuild the site.

This is the URL: Weeknotes 2024-03-03 So much! | Javier Plumey

One of the images, for example has a URL like this in the published post: but the actual image url as in the post is

I don’t know why there is a number in that path and why it’s not updating after I edit the post or rebuild the site.

This may be a bug when switching between using the CDN and not. That number is an identifier for your blog used for CDN URLs, so that URL is definitely wrong in the context of your own domain name.

If you don’t mind, I’m enabling the CDN for your blog to see if that fixes these links. Hopefully it corrects itself and you can disable the CDN again if you’d like.

Never mind, I see what is happening. You have a separate blog for media. Curious why you’re setting it up that way? :slightly_smiling_face: Anyway, I’m fixing this. It’s an issue where the CDN gets confused when the photos are stored in a separate blog.

Fixed! Sorry for the extra messages as I was troubleshooting this. It only happened if there was a subdomain and a domain name on your account used in exactly this way. Thanks for reporting it.

That use of the other subdomain was accidental, and because I had already uploaded to the media blog and thought I could re-use it on the other domain. I don’t normally do that and my is really for posting links to stuff I’m consuming. Glad I found an edge case!