Post not showing up on my blog


I’ve just posted something, timestamped 9:30 AM today, July 10, that still hasn’t shown up on my blog or on Twitter.

I was having this problem some time ago and then it went away. Is there something I need to do differently than I’ve been doing?


Hey Rich, what tool did you use to publish the post? Is it showing up on the timeline, or basically nowhere?

One thing you might want to try is simply going into the post in edit mode and clicking “update.”

Have you looked at That’s where you can often see if there’s an error posting to your blog.

Thanks, both of you! The post did eventually show up on my blog, but it did not cross-post to Twitter. Odd.

Frostedechoes: I “updated” the post several times over twenty minutes or so before I posted here, and it did not seem to work.

Jsonbecker: I did not even know the logs existed. I looked at it, but I have no idea how to understand what I read.

Yeah, that is unusual. I’ve seen cross-posting not work occasionally, but things have been a lot more reliable recently.

If you’re having consistent issues, you may want to rebuild your blog from the log screen that Jason mentioned.

I’m having a similar issue right now. A post that I have put up went straight to the MB timeline, but not to my blog. I’ve had the reverse happen, but not this. I am trying a rebuild as you suggest.

Update: well either the rebuild did it or time…either way, the post is now up on my blog :man_shrugging: