Post not showing up in timeline

I’m sure this has come up before from time to time. But it seems to be happening to me more often lately: posts (published through the app or online) are immediately showing up on the blog itself and also under ‘posts’ in my account. I can edit and update them, but they are not showing up in the m.b. timeline. Sometimes they show up with a delay of several hours (days?).

Not a major problem, but it limits the chances of getting conversational, which is one of the stand out features of…?!

Case in point: Arnold Hoogerwerf -

Published yesterday, still not showing up in timeline.

It does show up in my feed (read in NetNewsWire) though:

Does it appear if you manually trigger a refresh of the feed (by visiting and tap the button with two arrows forming a circle)?

If so, something is probably up with the automatic refresh. @manton will have to look into that.

Yup that did work. So then the question is probably why publishing a new post doesn’t trigger an automatic refresh?

Since I’m still experiencing this issue of posts not showing up in the timeline, I tried to look into the logs a bit more. I have 3 blog feeds connected to my account, and only 2 of them regularly show up in the logs (with messages like: “Feed: downloading…” / “Feed: Not modified…”)

Ironically, only the external feeds are getting checked regularly, and the feed seems to be ignored. But maybe “internal” feeds are being updated in another way?

Manually refreshing the feed always works right away.

@manton , would it be possible to give the above mentioned issue another look? The only thing that makes a ‘stuck’ post appear in the timeline is manually refreshing the feed.

I don’t know if it’s related but I seem to be seeing more reports of users with the same problem.

Thanks for bumping this issue again. Your theory is correct, tries to optimize feeds it hosts itself and only downloads them when something changes. It looks like that got toggled wrong for your feed. I’ve fixed it now, and I’m going to make further improvements so it doesn’t happen again.

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Thanks for the reply. I just checked but my latest post (dec 8th) didn’t show up yet… → Arnold Hoogerwerf -

edit: I just published a new post, and that triggered the 8 dec post to show up in the timeline as well! I think that makes sense…? only does a build and check with a new post unless you trigger it manually.

For me the time also stopped because I changed my custom domain for and the feed in crossposting for as not automagicly changed also.

Resulting in a socket error for that feed.