Post not showing up in timeline

I’m sure this has come up before from time to time. But it seems to be happening to me more often lately: posts (published through the app or online) are immediately showing up on the blog itself and also under ‘posts’ in my account. I can edit and update them, but they are not showing up in the m.b. timeline. Sometimes they show up with a delay of several hours (days?).

Not a major problem, but it limits the chances of getting conversational, which is one of the stand out features of…?!

Case in point: Arnold Hoogerwerf -

Published yesterday, still not showing up in timeline.

It does show up in my feed (read in NetNewsWire) though:

Does it appear if you manually trigger a refresh of the feed (by visiting and tap the button with two arrows forming a circle)?

If so, something is probably up with the automatic refresh. @manton will have to look into that.

Yup that did work. So then the question is probably why publishing a new post doesn’t trigger an automatic refresh?